Sunday, August 21, 2011

Now Available Shipping No Heat Restrictions (Delta Airlines)


Because of the heat (we will start shipping USPS in the fall when it cools down) the only way we will ship right now is through Air Cargo till it cools down.  You can ship quite a few chicks this way and they are in a climate controlled section and are delivered within 24 hours or less in almost all cases. 

Shipping United States Postal Service
·         Please let me know if there is a time you will NOT be there to receive your birds such as on vacation or out of town.  We usually ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There are temperature restrictions that can affect the shipment of your birds. If it is above 80 degrees or below 40 degrees on either end we are unable to ship.
·         Box and shipping $85 please understand the many risks of shipping. Shipping is hard and stressful on the birds. I make every effort to ensure that our birds are happy and in excellent health condition.
·         Once birds leave our property I'm not responsible for their well-being. I do not replace birds or refund money for birds lost by the post office or due to stress.
·         Birds are shipped in approved USPS bio-filtered Horizon boxes and are provided fruits and greens for their trip  Please include your address, phone number for the box, and email what you want (eggs, chicks, color, and age) and any other important information so I'll have it all in one place.

Shipping Air Cargo (Recommended) - there are no heat restrictions so we can ship anytime of the year.

The safest way to ship is air-cargo. It's a faster way for them to get to you. Birds normally arrive the same day we ship them. You will need to let me know the name of the airport(s) that are closest to you.  Sometimes I can send them out in a day or sometimes in a week. It all depends on how booked they are. We also need a shipping container either sent to us or we can purchase one. Usually it is an airline approved crate used for dogs, his you can use over for you birds or for another pet you own. You can also insurance your chickens which is not available through the United States Postal Service.   All air shipments must be prepaid

We are currently shipping with Delta.   Your shipping crate, airfare is currently $150.00 and must be prepaid.  We can ship any number of chicks to you in the continental U.S.  For Alaska or Hawaii please email us.

For shipments outside the United States we use Global Animal Transport for all exportation.