Thursday, January 12, 2012

Electric Brooder Used very little. FOR SALE

An electric brooder for baby poultry or quail. Capacity: 125 day-old chicks, 100 one-week-old, 100 two-week-old, 65 three-week-old, 50 four-week-old. Quail capacity: 100 to fourth week. Use in any building where the temperature does not fall below 50° F. Galvanized construction. Sliding poly mesh door panels on the front and one side. Includes a 3-liter bottle drinker and 580-cu.-in. capacity feeder. Both feeder and drinker fill from the outside. Drinker trough is self-cleaning. 1/2" PVC coated wire floor. Dropping pan is easily removed for cleaning. Thermostatic control, 250 watts. Overall size: 33" W (including drinker and feeder; width without drinker and feeder is 27") x 42" L x 19-1/2" H (interior height 10"). 110V AC only.