Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tips for Raising Urban Chickens

Tips for Raising Urban Chickens

Source: http://www.country-magazine.com/short-stories/country-life-stories/tips-for-raising-urban-chickens/

Raising chickens in an urban environment is easier than you think – here we share a first hand account and some expert advice on gathering fresh eggs straight from the backyard.

Tips for Raising Urban Chickens
Tips for Raising Urban Chickens
Up to three hens can roost and lay eggs in the Garden Ark (above), a portable style of coop. For more information, go to thegardencoop.com.

Raising chickens in the city just got easier – with these helpful tips from our experts!
  • Be sure to check local ordinances.
  • Order chickens from a feed store, farmer or online. Look for bright-eyed chicks with dry, clean feathers.
  • Keep chicks in a simple container lined with old towels and blankets. Include a feeder and waterer.
  • Provide a heat source on one side of the birds’ habitat.
  • Keep bedding clean and change it often.
  • Build or buy a simple chicken coop to keep the grown birds safe and provide a place for them to lay eggs and roost.
  • A coop requires nothing more than four walls and a roof, an opening for getting in and out, and a place to roost.
  • Chickens eat chicken feed and will forage for small bugs, weeds and seeds.
  • NOTE: Chicken manure is very high in nitrogen, so compost it before putting it on a garden or it will burn plant roots.
Tips courtesy of backyardchickens.com.
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