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The Three Types of Poultry Feed

The Three Types of Poultry Feed

Pellets, crumbles and mash - what's the difference you ask? Does it matter which you feed to your chickens? At Purina, we make sure each of our different types of feed is a complete diet for your poultry, so the choice comes down to a personal preference based off of the minor differences.

Pelleted feeds are concentrates of high quality grain and plant protein ingredients with vitamins and minerals added. Customers often notice that the pelleted feeds are the least wasteful once your chickens have adjusted to eating them. Purina&reg pelleted feeds are available in Purina Mills&regLayena&reg SunFresh&reg Recipe, Purina Mills&reg Layena&reg Plus Omega-3 SunFresh&reg Recipe and Purina Mills&reg Flock Raiser&reg SunFresh&reg Recipe.

"Crumbles" are "broken" pellets making it easier for poultry to eat. Just like other pelleted feed, they are concentrates of high quality grain and plant protein ingredients with vitamins and minerals added. Because the crumbles are smaller than a normal pellet, they're a great option for recently hatched chicks. Purina&reg crumble feeds include Purina Mills&reg Start & Grow&reg SunFresh&reg Recipe, Purina Mills&regLayena&reg SunFresh&reg Recipe and Purina Mills&reg Flock Raiser&reg SunFresh&reg Recipe.

Mash feed is a finely ground mix of high quality grain and plant protein ingredients with vitamins and minerals added. Purina&reg mash feed is available in Purina Mills&reg Layena&reg SunFresh&reg Recipe at select geographic regions.

Good luck with whichever feed type you choose! Remember that each of your complete Purina&reg feed options is made from the highest quality natural ingredients, free from added animal proteins and fats, and they provide all the necessary nutrition and eliminate any need for supplemental products.
Get to Know Purina&reg Flock Raiser&reg SunFresh&regRecipe Feed

Purina&reg Flock Raiser&reg SunFresh&reg Recipe feed takes "natural*" to an entirely new level by using only the freshest, highest quality sun-grown grains and plant proteins. It is a nutrient-rich feed, perfect for a mixed flock of chickens, ducks and geese from hatching until laying age (18 to 20 weeks) and turkeys from 8 to 10 weeks until laying age. Flock Raiser&regfeed provides your poultry with the quality nutrients they need to grow and stay strong, healthy and beautiful.
  • SunFresh&reg Recipe feed: Fresh, natural* plant proteins, FREE of all animal proteins and fats
  • Small, Crumbled Pieces: Waste less feed and ensure proper food intake
  • Superior Nutrition Including Essential Amino Acids: Provide chicks with a strong start, optimal muscle development, uniform growth, and top vigor
  • Vitamins A & E: Support overall health, reproduction, vitality, and a healthy immune system throughout your bird's life
  • Exclusive Level of Marigold Extract: Give your birds brightly colored beaks, shanks, and overall appearance
  • Complete and Balanced: Provides wholesome nutrition for your entire mixed flock with no supplements needed
* with added vitamins, nutrients, and trace minerals

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