Saturday, March 9, 2013

Showmanship/Fitting & Showing/Show Bird Clinic


Showmanship/Fitting & Showing/Show Bird Clinic 

Whether you are “experienced” at Showing & Fitting (aka Showmanship), showing caged birds,
or thinking about giving it a try, this is a great opportunity for you! Instead of the usual monthly
meeting, the PNPA will be hosting a clinic to give young show persons an opportunity to learn
every detail we can think of including but not limited to: how to pose (yourself and your bird),
how to stand (you, not your bird), how to prepare yourself and your bird, how to answer questions
you do and DO NOT know the answers to, overall appearance (includes both you and your bird),
what bird makes a good showmanship bird, how to study and prepare, and what to do while you’re
waiting to go in. In addition, we’ll cover “The Show Kit” – everything you should have in your
show toolbox and how to use those items (to name a few… to trim toes, bring out the color
of your bird’s comb/wattle/legs, shine up those feathers, clean up those booties, etc). This should
be great fun and learning for the whole family!

The clinic will be held at the Clark County Fairgrounds , Vancouver/Ridgefield, WA. We’ll start
up with a lunch/social hour at the “upstairs room” at Jollie’s restaurant (not mandatory). Eat lunch
and meet other young poultry enthusiasts, John Jensen Jr. – Youth Director and other youth leaders & judges. Then head to the other side of the freeway to the showmanship clinic. Schedule
and other information is as follows:

COST: $5 per youth participant (helps to offset the cost of the building rental)
DATE: Sunday March 17, 2013
BRING: showmanship bird (if you have one but not mandatory) with holding crate
carpet piece (if you’re bringing a bird), paper/pencil (for notes), smiles (remember to have
 fun!), folding chairs for your parents to sit on, thermos of something hot to drink
ATTIRE: The building isn’t heated so wear something warm
11am – Lunch @ Jollie’s Restaurant, 17701 NE Union Rd, Ridgefield, WA (360) 573-3141
 [north of Vancouver, I-5 or I-205 to 179th St – exit #9, turn right, and take an
immediate right again onto Union, Jollie’s on left. Union parallels the freeway]

 Ask to be seated in upstairs room (PNPA has this room reserved)
1pm – Clinic – room adjacent to South Hall (which is across from the Event Center) Clark
 County Fairgrounds [north of Vancouver, Take I-5 or I-205 to 179th St – exit #9
 turn left, go to 2nd stoplight (1st one takes you back onto the freeway), go left, go past the
 Event Center (parallel the freeway), right to parking.
3:30pm – approximate end time
Questions? Contact Youth Director John Jensen, Jr. @ (503) 702-6318