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Tori Spelling Dishes on her Chicken, Coco Chanel

May 20, 2013 | By Pet360 | 1 comment
You may know Tori Spelling as an award-winning actress, author, and dedicated mother. But did you know she is also a passionate animal lover, and pet parent to the adorable chicken, Coco Chanel?
Pet360 got the chance to speak with Tori Spelling for an exclusive look inside the luxurious life of Coco Chanel.
We saw your adorable video of Coco Chanel sleeping with the whole family. Is she a sound sleeper or does she move around at night?
Coco sleeps in a Sherpa-lined dog bed next to my bedside. She's a sound sleeper. Once I put her in her bed around 7:30 pm, she will nuzzle down and sleep untill the family wakes. She is the first to pop her head up when she hears the babies cry on their monitors.
We recently read that you carry her around in your purse. Do you think chickens are the new Chihuahuas?
Chickens are the best pets! We call her a lap chicken, a.k.a., a dog chicken. She loves to go places with us and she loves people.
What kind of fabulous things do you keep in her chicken coop? For instance, does she have toys?
Coco doesn't stay in a coop. She's a house chicken. We do have other chickens that we built a great coop for in our backyard. They have their nesting boxes, perch, and some flowers in a flower box that we attached to the outside of the coop.
With a name like Coco Chanel she must be a fashionista. Do you dress her in cute outfits to go out on the town?
Coco does love clothing! She perks up and poses when you put clothing on her. She has various chicken sweaters and some vintage pieces I made her.
You have quite the pack. How does Coco Chanel get along with your other pets?
Coco is the boss! The other chickens and the dogs don't mess with her. She will totally peck the dogs if they come near her food.
How do you incorporate her into your daily routine?
Coco gets up in the morning and goes into the kitchen with me to help prepare breakfast for the kids. The kids love her. Especially Hattie who's says, "Hi Coco. Bak bak," (that's her chicken impression) every morning. She feeds her lettuce and pets her. Coco either hangs out in kitchen (the hub of our home), in our backyard, or runs errands with us during the day. Then at bedtime she heads to the bedroom with us to get settled for the night!
Would you like to share anything with our readers about the joys of raising a chicken?
Chickens are great pets! Especially for a family. They are very friendly if you raise them, and are very easy to care for. Eating your own eggs is amazing every morning! And surprisingly, chickens have very funny individual personalities!
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