Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter Egg Production

Delaware hen using a Chickbox
A Delaware hen being quite choosy about which ChickBox™ she wants to lay an egg in.

Winter Egg Production
Despite our best efforts, the weather's turning quite chilly as the light lingers less and less. Our birds have taken notice as well. In response to the lack of light, they believe they do not have to lay as many eggs.

But we have a way to circumvent mother nature. By keeping a light on in the coop an extra hour or two in the early morning and evening, the chickens will continue to lay eggs (albeit at a slower pace). So we will still have a source of fresh eggs, even through the winter. OnceDecember 22 arrives, the daylight hours will start getting longer and we can look forward to more light (and eggs). 

Below are a few articles from the University of Nebraska and Oregon State University that provide useful information on winter egg-laying and light management for poultry.