Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Cold Day For A Giveaway

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January 28, 2014
Looking for New Chicks? Consider Black Copper Marans + Win a Solway Feeder! ...
by Meredith Chilson from Green Circle Grove
Will you be buying eggs to hatch or ordering chicks this spring? Have you ordered yet? Do you have a specific breed in mind, or are you going to be a little adventurous and order a few chicks of a different breed?

I'd like to suggest you consider Marans—specifically Black Copper Marans.
Learn more about Black Copper Marans and enter to win a Solway feeder! ...
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Twice Cooked Chicken Stew
by Jennifer Sartell from 
Iron Oak Farm

When I say "twice cooked" the first "cook" I am referring is roasting the meat and veggies, where major flavor happens.

The second "cook" is in the traditional crock pot, where all the flavors meld, and get extra tender. This would work perfect for leftover roasted chicken as well.
Stay warm by trying out this delicious recipe today! ...
Giveaway: Four Matted Chicken Prints
by Melissa Caughey from 
Tilly's Nest

Hands down, Sarah Hudock is one of my favorite artists. I reached out to her to see if she would be interested in doing a giveaway here on Community Chickens.

Of course being a fellow chicken keeper, she was excited to do this giveaway in our community!

Enter to win one of these gorgeous prints! ...
The Beauty of Patterns ...
by Wendy EN Thomas
Lessons Learned From the Flock

Jan Brett was at the Northeastern Poultry Congress this weekend. She was showing her birds and in her spare time, she gave an art lesson and signed copies of her new book, Cinders.

She modestly said that her drawings didn't do the chickens justice. She pointed to the feathers of the bird she was holding and asked, How anyone could draw such intricate beauty?
Check out these photos of beautiful chicken patterns ...
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