Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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LARD Cookbook
 Benefits of Raising Free-Range Chickens
Raising free-range chickens gives the birds a higher quality of life and provides you with better meat. Follow these basic steps to ensure your flock a happier, healthier life.
 Brothers Raise Free-Range Eggs on Large Scale
Two hardworking brothers have built a home business on the family farm by producing large-scale free-range eggs. 
 Homemade Flock Seed Block
Cold weather means a shortage of weeds and bugs for your chickens. Here’s a simple recipe for making an easy treat block to keep your chickens happy and busy through the winter.
 All You Need to Know About Backhoes
Around the farm, you might put a backhoe to use digging holes, moving large rocks, transplanting trees or even building a small pond. Learn how the backhoe can provide you with back-saving digging methods. 
 Hoop House
Grit blogger Allan Douglas shares how he extended his garden’s growing season by building domed covers over his raised-bed garden boxes and planting cold-tolerant plants. 
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