Friday, January 10, 2014

Winter Concerns: Frostbite

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January 07, 2014
Winter Concerns: Frostbite
by Rebecca Nickols from garden-roof coop
Since much of the country is experiencing the inevitable cold and freezing temps of winter, I thought I would share with our readers an experience I had a couple of years ago when Henrietta, my Buff Orpington, lost a few tips of her comb due to a case of frostbite.
Finish Rebecca's story and read what one expert says about frostbite on combs ...
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Surviving a Michigan Snow Storm
The local weather channels have been warning us of an impending snow storm and arctic winds blowing in for a few days. There was a pretty significant ice storm just before the Christmas holiday that reminded us the dangers weather presents living in the North.

The grocery store shelves are empty, but we were able to stock up on the essentials and extra water, batteries and chicken supplies of straw, bedding, electrolytes and feed. This article is to tell you how we prepare for the snow and cold with our small backyard flock.

Learn how Shannon deals with extreme cold temperatures ...
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