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Community Chickens Newsletter February 25, 2014

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February 25, 2014
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Classic Cottage Flowers for Your Coop
by Debbie Bosworth from Dandelion House
So, you've taken the plunge into backyard chicken keeping and your girls are (hopefully) nice and comfortable in their new Poulet Chalet! That's fancy French talk for chicken coop! Or, maybe you've had your coop situated for a while now and would like it to blend in more beautifully with the rest of your gardenscape.

Whichever the case may be, surrounding your coop with old-fashioned cottage flowers is one of the easiest and quickest ways I know to make your coop look as if it's been a part of your landscape all along.
Check out these tips for beautifying your coop this spring ...
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House Chickens: Ingenious or Moronic?
by Jennifer Sartell from
Iron Oak Farm

My mom told me she missed watching the chickens scratch and peck around the yard. I jokingly suggested that she take a few Bantams home with her the next time she was over to keep as house hens, like the movie stars.

We sort of laughed it off, but after I hung up the phone it got me thinking.
Are house chickens a crazy idea? Chime in with your ideas ...
An Amazing Giveaway: Enter to Win!
by Melissa Caughey from
Tilly's Nest

I am so egg-cited to be able to share with you the launch of some new amazing products from the world's first USDA Certified Organic chicken treat company!

Join me in celebrating by entering this amazing giveaway!

Hurry and enter this incredible giveaway today! ...
Living Snacks from the Ball Jar
by Rachel Hurd Anger

Sprouts contain higher concentrations of nutrients and protein than their seeds did before sprouting, providing a source of living protein to replace greens or bugs (or bigger unimaginables, like the blue skinks that slither around our property) that chickens would normally eat during the warmer months.
Give your chickens life with some sprouty snacks ...
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Rambunctious Roo
Another of our Facebook Fans, Jennie Johnson Staub, used instructions from Rebecca Nickols' post How to Photograph Chickens to take this gorgeous shot.

She adds: "This is a picture of my Barred Rock rooster 'Rocky' posing and giving me 'the look.' He really is a pretty boy and takes very good care of his ladies, all 26 of them."

Try out these techniques today and you could be in the next newsletter!

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