Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Keep Chickens Healthy by Maintaining a Sanitary, Controlled Coop ...

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February 04, 2014
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Keep Chickens Healthy by Maintaining a Sanitary, Controlled Coop ...
by Melissa Caughey from Tilly's Nest
Unfortunately, chickens are not immune to developing illnesses. As backyard chickens keepers, it is important that we learn a few simple precautions that can keep our flock healthy and safe from harm. Incorporating biosecurity measures in keeping chickens makes sense.

Biosecurity is comprised of three components. These include sanitation, isolation, and controlling traffic. Part 1 of this series discussed how to recognize ill birds and isolate them. Part 2 will discuss sanitation and controlling traffic.
Are your birds safe? Check out this quick list to make sure ...
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4 Reasons Why White Chickens Turn Yellow
by Jennifer Sartell from Iron Oak Farm

The word commonly used for yellow pigmentation is "brassiness." I'm sure anyone who's ever bleached their hair blond and spent too much time in the sun is familiar with this term.

And basically the change in pigmentation is similar to hair. There are hidden "color" genes in some birds with white feathers.

Why do birds' white feathers go yellow? Learn something new today, click here ...

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