Tuesday, March 18, 2014

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March 18, 2014
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Is YOUR Canine Chicken Friendly?
by Debbie Bosworth from Dandelion House
Call us late bloomers in the four-legged department, but for years just keeping up with the demands of family life and homeschooling was plenty! It wasn't until our daughter began pining away for her very own puppy that we even considered getting a dog. And we wanted a dog that would keep harmony in the henhouse too!
Help us out: Tell us what you think are the most (and least) chicken-friendly dog breeds out there ...
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Enter the Farm Team Challenge - You could win a new coop and other prizes from Nutrena
DIY Chicken Feed Sack Tote
by Rebecca Nickols from 
garden-roof coop

Here's a great way to repurpose, reuse and recycle your empty chicken feed sacks. 
Learn how to make your own DIY tote out of used chicken feed sacks ...
Snow, Chickens and Hipsters
by Shannon Cole from
Country Girl in the Village

I am in by no means a city and my lot size is an acre. So, chickens are my way to have that little bit of peace, country and comfort back in my life.

Read Shannon's heart-warming story about raising backyard hens ...
Need A Little Cute Today? Check Out the Chick Cam
There's always something exciting happening on the farm, so we and Nutrena are bringing the cutest new additions to you, front and center.
Check out the Chick Cam frequently to see what's new in the brooder ...
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Caption It Contest: Brooding Tom
One of our Facebook Fans, Northern Roots Farm, shared this photo of her occupationally challenged turkey, adding:

"Ralphie, my Bourbon Red turkey tom, has decided to break all gender and race stereotypes by sitting on a mixed clutch of turkey and duck eggs! Coop politics are never dull!"

If this tom could talk what would he say?

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