Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 2014 Community Chickens Newsletter

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March 25, 2014
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7 Early Vegetables for Your Flock and You PLUS A Giveaway!
by Melissa Caughey from Tilly's Nest
Do you garden? Why not plant some veggies that have a bigger bang for their buck this year, especially for the chickens? Chickens love fresh treats from the vegetable garden. Many times they happily eat leaves, stems and roots. They also don't mind bug-chewed leaves that normally would find their way into the composter.
Read which vegetables to start today and in the process, sign up to win a free T-shirt! ...
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Enter the Farm Team Challenge - You could win a new coop and other prizes from Nutrena
The Kids' Guide to Talking Parents into Chicks
by Jennifer Sartell from
Iron Oak Farm

Hey kids, I know how you're feeling. You just went into the feed store and saw all those adorable peeps and you've just gotta have some!

It would be so cool to watch the baby chicks turn into chickens and be able to collect fresh eggs each morning. I was once a kid myself and I remember. So here's some pointers to help you out. 
Read Jennifer's satiric piece on how to talk your parents into chickens! ...
Battling Coop Fever in Your Flock
by Meredith Chilson from
Green Circle Grove

I'm not sure what happens to you when you spend many days in a gray, chilly world performing the same tasks over and over, but around here we snap and snarl at each other over small things. Minor annoyances become major ones.

We "pick" at trivial occurrences, until sometimes, they become large wounds. The same thing happens in our hen house.

Read Meredith's fantastic piece on dealing with "cooped up" hens ...
All About Egg Color
by Heather Nicholson

Have you ever wondered what makes blue eggs blue or why a green egg layer might hatch from a blue or brown egg?

Did you know that brown eggs are coated with a "paint" made from blood, and blue egg shells contain a chemical byproduct of bile?
Read on to find out the science behind egg color. ...
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Caption It Contest: Gilligan's Coop
One of our Facebook Fans, Kris Nicholas, shared this photo of her coop-wrecked hens: Mary Anne, Ginger and Mrs. Howell.

If you've ever raised hens you know they have a language of their own. So we thought it would be fun to find out what these three crazy gals might say if they could speak.

Write the funniest caption for this photo, and you might just win a prize - though it won't be a three-hour tour!

Caption this photo, and you might win a prize!

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