Sunday, May 18, 2014

Backyard Chickens Newsletter

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May 2014
Letting Broody Hens Hatch, Raise ChicksA broody hen is the best way to hatch chicks for you and your flock. But it can be nerve wrecking when you let a broody hatch for you the first time, especially if you’ve bought her really expensive hatching eggs. Hopefully this guide will help take you through it and put your mind at ease.
The Perfect Chicken Coop?Does the perfect chicken coop exist? Did you believe your coop was the greatest only to feel slighted by all the amazing chicken coops on BYC? If you could give your hen house an extreme makeover, what would you change? Share your experiences and wishful thinking in this great thread.
Chicken ToysA chicken that is not provided with adequate enrichment and mental stimulation will be more inclined towards behaviorial problems. Feather pecking, bullying, and even cannibalism can be a result of chickens that are confined without proper enrichment. Check out this great article with ideas on chicken toys.
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