Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Community Chickens July 22, 2014 Newsletter

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July 22, 2014
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YOUR CHICKENS ARE HOT!Liz Hessen from For the Love of Chicken Poop

Keeping chicks and grown chickens hydrated, cool and comfortable is NOT PAMPERING or SPOILING them! For chicks it’s helping them get a good, healthy start in life.

For grown, egg producing hens it’s helping them lay good healthy eggs without jeopardizing their own health. Know how to prevent heat exhaustion/stress! Know how to treat a chicken suffering from heat exhaustion! 

How watermelon helps with heat in the coop ...

Foods to freeze for your chickens ...
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Making Herbal Spray to Freshen the Coop

by Jennifer Burcke from 1840 Farm

Sometimes, when the sun is shining brightly above the coop and the temperature inside rises just enough, there is a hint of aroma that announces the reality that chickens live there.

It’s not unlike our barn in that respect. Most of the time, the aroma is of hay, feed, and a fresh New England breeze. However, sometimes, a farm just smells just a bit too farmy.

You can make a simple, amazing-smelling solution in a snap ...
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Campbell's Soup Coop
by Kathy Shea Mormino from The Chicken Chick

One of the lesser known symptoms of being a chicken addict is an acute fascination with chicken coops. I freely confess to being a chicken coop looky loo and know that I am not alone in my fervent interest in the endless variety of coop styles, construction materials, designs, locations and layouts.

You will love the inside of this coop. It's mmm mmm good!

Check out more pictures of this unusal coop ...

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